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On This Blessed Day of Ramadan, Easter and Passover, Take Them Under Your Wing!

From The Executive Director's Desk:

Your Support Can Change Their Lives Forever!!!

Dear Family, 

To me, MY Project USA is my mother’s legacy. It’s my family’s legacy. It’s our legacy.

Being a Muslim, I also believe that it is a sadaqa jariyah (continued charity) for my father who must have received daily gifts from my work in this organization.

In the last seven years, we have saved hundreds of children and have served 180,000 clients. Last year, we spent 1M to serve more than 40,000 clients while renovating our new youth center. The operational and capital expenses combined for 2022 are estimate at $1.6 M.

Your donations help us continue this success and expand its culturally competent academic, job preparation, and recreational services to up to 300 at-risk youths. It will support new and current jobs and other program expenses needed to support youth and families in various hotspots of crime, drugs, and gang activities in Columbus, Ohio. Our current expenses for 100 kids are at $320,000. Our employees are under-paid and have no benefits. That’s why keeping the same staff for a long term has been challenging. Your donations will help us pay livable wages to current employees and hire more. In 2022, the total budget of the program will be 1.6M. As we are applying for several grants, we hope to raise at least $350,000 from our private donors like you. The breakdown of the total expenses will be as following: $750,000 Salaries $70,000 Transportation for Clients & Programs $100,000 Incidental & Supplies, Goods for clients $100,000 Rent & permits $180,000 Administrative Cost

Please help us protect and empower more youth and families this year. Donate generously.


Pay By Check: Please make checks payable to MY Project USA and send them to P.O. Box 1311, Hilliard, OH 43026

You can pay on Facebook Here

You can pay on LaunchGood Here.

You can pay on our Website Here

Zelle Direct Deposit ID:

Venmo ID: MYProjectUSA

Please email us at if you may have any questions or comments about your donations to MY Project USA.

May God always protect and empower our families and bless our elderly with His bounties. Ameen

In Solidarity with Youth and Families, 

Zerqa Abid, 

Founder & Executive Director, 


Help Us Empower Children In Your Own Backyard

MY Project USA Fits 6 out of 8 Criteria of Zakat

MY Project USA is a nonprofit, 501 (C) 3 organization. We serve local refugees, orphans, slaves, victims of abuse, and other needy and poor neighbors in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio area. We are Zakat eligible since it falls into six of the eight categories of Zakat as commanded by Allah SWT in the following verse of Quran:

"Zakat expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the [stranded] traveler - an obligation [imposed] by Allah . And Allah is Knowing and Wise. (Quran 9:60)"

The first and second category of “for poor and for the needy” applies since we are helping poor local and refugee Muslim families.

The fourth category of "bringing hearts together" applies since we serve all needy people regardless of their faith, ethnicity or race. We also work with individuals that are attracted to Islam and Muslims and prefer working with us to learn more.

The fifth category “freeing captives” applies since we are addressing human trafficking, the modern day slavery, prevention and intervention. We are specially focusing on freeing sex-slaves from their masters and then helping them in reestablishing their lives.

The sixth category of "paying the debt" applies since we take care of families, single moms and family violence victims dealing with debts and financial instability.

The seventh category “the cause of Allah” applies because we are protecting and empowering Muslim youth and families in America. Through our work we are addressing drugs, gangs, violence, suicides, radicalization, homelessness, and hunger through capacity building of the individuals and the community. Through the documentation and publicity of our work we seek to address Islamophobia as well. Our goal is to preserve Islam and Muslim community in America at its best.

According to the majority scholars, Zakat can be given to those who volunteer to fight in the cause of Allah (SWT) and do not receive a fixed salary from the government. This also applies to the operational cost/salaries of a non-profit organization like ours that fits the other categories of zakat eligibility. Of course people can also donate their sadaqa or general donations for this cause as well.


Let It Be A Happy Eid For Every Kid!!!

Our Eid Toys Drive sign ups are live now. You can bring ready to pass toys or donate so we can purchase the toys/gifts on your behalf.  Check our signs ups on our website.

MY Iftar Kitchen 2022

We Can Feed People On Your Behalf For $10/Meal

Iftar Meal - will include dates, baked chicken, rice, vegetables and dessert enough for two people.

Join us again in this humbling experience. We need volunteers to help bring cooked food, or donate money, so we can order food to feed the needy. What a better way to serve Allah by helping His less fortunate people? Please help any way you can. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

We ask you to help with cooked/purchased food and packing it. Donors are welcome to send their gifts here or on our website.

Zakat Al-Fitr Pantry Will Be Held on April 30th

We Aim To Serve 350 Local Families This Year

We will be taking Zakat al-fitr money for 700 individuals only so please hurry and pay your zakat alfitr. Jazakum Allah kheir!

Hilltop Tigers Recruitment

We Are Proud Partners of SWACO & The City of Columbus

The City of Columbus and SWACO are partnering in the Hilltop on the Recycle Right program, encouraging families and residents to recycle using the city’s blue residential recycling container for biweekly collection. MY Project USA is currently recruiting volunteer and paid program ambassadors to assist in targeted educational outreach to Hilltop households on how to recycle correctly and how recycling benefits our community.

Hilltop Sustainability Program Job opening
Youth Programs

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